A Better Look USA offer a variety of premium custom and standard cultured marble, granite and onyx products. Please go to our product pages for dimensions and sizes and to the color page to see our huge selection of gorgeous colors!

About Cultured Marble

At A Better Look USA our fabricators have an artistic eye and flair for the most unique and beautiful colors, veins and design you can imagine in your bathroom design.

The Creation of Cultured Marble is the skilled blending of real particles of natural marble with a liquid polyester resin to create the finished product. Cultured Granite and Cultured Onyx are just variations on this same process and are created in the same manner. These cultured stone products, unlike their quarried counterparts, are cast in molds to create countertops, bathtubs, back splashes, shower walls, shower pans and many other molding and trim pieces. Cultured marble is a manufactured product that is molded into just about any shape or size, it can be custom made to fit any requirement and there is over a 100 colors to choose from.

Poly Stone surfacing and color mixtures can dramatically enhance almost any surface with spectacular granite colors and textures and cultured marble with gorgeous colored vein flow. With almost unlimited application potential it is produced using both post consumer recycled content and renewable resource bio resins. It is free from hazardous ingredients and additives, and is both fire resistant and UV resistant. Poly Stone is available in hundreds of color combinations.

Artistone inspired by a symphony of natural granite tones, offers an array of exceptional colors-without the cost associated with natural stone products. Artistone is a cultured granite product designed for gel coated applications, the result is a luxurious, high-sheen finish that lasts. Artistone uses a high quality marble filler base, enabling the look of natural granite and is an excellent choice. Artistone has a variety of natural beautiful granite tones to choose from.

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The process to create these cultured stone products involves lining the molds with a specially formulated gel coat that bonds to the mixture, transforming its surface. This transformation provides a clear extremely hard finish that preserves the beauty of the natural stone and provides the stain resistant properties and provide the protection from stains that might otherwise penetrate natural stone. This surface is very durable and easily maintained with non-abrasive cleaners. After the pieces are made they can be polished to shine or given a honed, matte finish, depending on customer preference. Keeping its natural beauty and shine for years to come.

A Better Look USA offers the highest quality cultured stone products available. We provide standard and custom sizes. We are here to help with all your projects and cultured stone product needs!

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