Showers and Walls

A Better Look USA offers a wide variety of rich elegant Showers customized to your specifications. With an artist’s flare we offer beautiful veins and sparkle that flow through our cultured stone showers. Customize your new shower with matching Shower Walls, Shower Stalls, Shower Drain Pans, Shower Soap and Shampoo Inserts, Shower Seats and Shower Benches. ABL is here to create your perfect bathroom!

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Custom Designed Shower Floors, Benches and Accessories

Shower and Walls Sizes
Shower Bases
Square Base36" x 36"
Rectangular Base36" x 48"
Rectangular Base42" x 60"
Rectangular Base36" x 60"
Rectangular Base32" x 48"
w/ Integral Flange32" x 60"
w/PVC Flange Drain Left32" x 60"
w/PVC Flange Drain Right32" x 60"
Neo-Angle Base36"
Neo-Angle Base42" w/ 21" X 21" Drain Position
Neo-Angle Base42" w/ 12" X 21" Drain Position
Shower Surround Walls
Wall Kits for Square and Rectangular Bases
Three Piece Shower Wall Kits
One back wall, Two ends wallsStandard Height 72"
Custom Heights are available
Five Piece Shower Wall Kits
Two back wall, Two ends walls, Center Trim PanelStandard Height 72"
Custom Heights are available
Neo-Angle Wall Kits
Two panels for Neo-Angle WallsStandard Height 72"
Custom products available upon request
Custom Designed Shower Floors, Benches and Accessories
Custom Sizes
Shower Floors
Shower Benches
Corner Shower seats
Shampoo and Soap Dish Corner
Shampoo and Soap Dish
Recessed Shampoo and Soap DishRegular
Recessed Shampoo and Soap DishWide
Recessed Shampoo and Soap DishLarger
Recessed Soap Dish
Surfaced Mount Soap Dish
Thresholds and Trim pieces Order to Spec